Realizing that decisions made today affect outcomes tomorrow, there are many worthy causes and problems globally that we dedicate our time to. One of them is the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation, a Canadian based charity started by wrestling superstars; Tiger Jeet Singh and his son, Tiger Ali Singh. The foundation’s core mandate is to unify diversity, and bring awareness and support to mental illness, anti-drugs, healthcare, education, literacy, breakfast programs and inclusive classrooms.

CONXCORP and the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation have aligned their common goals. Tiger Jeet Singh has been named Global Ambassador for CONXCORP and Tiger Ali Singh is an active partner in the company.

Some of the charities that have benefited from a relationship together with the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation are:

Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation
420 Main Street East
P.O. Box 612
Milton, Ontario
Canada L9T 5G3