CONXCORP Projects are always sharply focused on sustainability (Environment, Economy, Socio-cultural and Political) as a long-term, fully integrated business approach. Throughout its operations, CONXCORP always plans to actively design and integrate sustainable practices into all of its initiatives. For CONXCORP, the positive economic returns stemming from sustainable practices are equally as important as the social, cultural and environmental benefits.

Sustainability is integrated into CONXCORP portfolios and significant critical thinking and analysis is done to define initiatives that will provide great sustainable benefits to the regions of implementation. We partner with all levels of government and key stakeholders to promote and elevate sustainability within our projects. It is the cornerstone of our commitment. With this in mind, CONXCORP shall, at all times, seek bi-partisan support from all authoritative parties for its initiatives to further ensure sustainability and to derive a holistic vision.


CONXCORP believes in its projects and their economic growth aspirations. With this confidence CONXCORP often makes significant investments in power generation, waste management, global commerce, transportation, education, infrastructure, water treatment, tourism, healthcare and employment. By developing a sustainable and holistic vision and supporting it through our funding and investment channels, we allow truly sustainable communities to emerge equipped with the necessary infrastructures to fuel sustainable growth.


CONXCORP truly focuses on sustainability, economic growth, the environment and quality of life through the delivery of meaningful and beneficial projects while ensuring compliance to local public/private mandates and fiscal responsibility.


CONXCORP defines specific initiatives that place emphasis on socially responsible investing and practices. Our strategies, which seek to maximize both financial return and social good, must provide a foundation for the improvement in the quality of life locally.  Long term vision is necessitated to ensure many generations to come are not deprived by short sighted decisions made today. 

The interdependence of our natural ecosystem, with its limited resources, must be balanced with modern needs, especially in a global market.  Initiatives must deliver broad based benefit in a sustainable manner and not be limited to a select few.


The earth sustains many fragile ecosystems, each dependent upon the other regardless of country, climate or element (air, water, and land). It is with this understanding and the inherent set of challenges that we, the people of the earth, must set about for change. Change is necessary to address the issues affecting the protection of the environment and human health. Climate change, water resource management, air pollution, solid waste management and human health are some of numerous inter-related challenges countries face today. With the earth’s limited resources we must re-think how we live within and interact with the environment.

Our current methods, technologies and beliefs must be critically assessed. Cleaner, safer energy solutions to reduce pollution and increase energy independence must be explored. Awareness of the effects of environmental issues on human health and the survival of the earth must be developed from all dimensions including: government, culture and personal. CONXCORP defines specific initiatives that will provide the necessary infrastructure, technology, operations and knowledge for the establishment of sustainable world-class waste management, environmental protection, communications, infrastructure and energy management solutions. These environmental solutions assist in re-positioning regions as leaders and greatly improves the immediate and long-term quality of life locally.