Where innovation converges with fundamentals in the LED industry.

At CONXCORP, we care how you see the world. That’s why we’re experts at applying cutting edge, empowering technology to be at the forefront of LED evolution. 

When you work with CONXCORP, you’re not just getting a product, you’re getting our proprietary technology that is at the core of our innovation and backed by real assurances.

Lightyears Ahead in the LED World. 

From our beginnings of designing, manufacturing, and implementing a wide range of converged communications and wireless equipment, to creating and funding sustainable lighting infrastructure and energy initiatives, our foundation has been built on over 20 years of experience of being ahead of the curve, which includes many firsts in the industry:

WIFI Broadband Network

Designing, implementing, and deploying some of the first ever Wi-Fi broadband networks in to rural communities backed by Federal and Provincial broadband initiative programs.

Paperless Classrooms

Implementing the first ever paperless classrooms in Canada, backed by Provincial and Federal “one-on-one” mandates

VOIP Solution

Implementing the first ever, Enterprise Grade, Public Sector, VOIP solution

Smart Antenna Systems

Designing and implementing some of the first smart antenna systems, used to shape RF (Radio Frequency) fields in an optimal and secure fashion

Integrated Lighting Network

Being the first to establish an end-to-end, integrated lighting network in a public space for the City of Mississauga


Offering and delivering some of the first ever “lighting as a service” programs globally under an ESCO (Energy Savings Company) structure.

We offer turn-key solutions for long term energy needs and savings all over the world.

We focus on “lighting that matters” because we believe in creating sustainable solutions for our partners (or clients) to make sure no one gets left in the dark – both here at home and abroad.

Globally, we have integrated energy conscious infrastructure. We have lent support to the World Bank, IADB, IMF, IFC, and many others, to develop innovative solutions for large scale lighting and energy projects. Other international projects include improving safety, productivity and the overall environment for people by creating large scale, energy efficient street lighting infrastructures. Our experience spans the Americas, Caribbean, South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

As a Canadian-based company, we also care how our local communities see their world. CONXCORP was contracted to replace 60,000 + streetlights for the City of Mississauga (6’th largest city in Canada) with Smart, LED lighting, in what is the largest project of its kind in Canadian History. Other local projects include working with Municipalities, Utilities, School Boards, Medical Institutions, REIT’s, Automotive Companies, Property Managers, Private Sector Clients, among many others.

Being the best means we leave no one in the dark.

Our understanding that communities have increasingly become more interconnected has built our reputation for creating partnerships and synergies between the rapidly advancing technology, the very best of components and the need for deep rooted assurances. With decades of experience and sophisticated communication networks expertise, we keep bettering ourselves by remaining open to implementing “best of class” components as they prove their technical superiority. Our components and smart lighting systems are always designed and engineered with adaptability, high performance and reliability in mind.

As a North American based company, CONXCORP ensures the very best quality control and technology integration through local souring and manufacturing. CONXCORP has a proven track record bringing all relevant competencies (Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Integration, Deployment, Maintenance, Funding) under one umbrella to deliver effective, turnkey lighting infrastructure initiatives.

Our real assurances are backed by industry standard, best practice protocols, procedures and tools. These 3rd party, unbiased resources allow us to validate our out-performance of the market competition while simultaneously streamlining our best practices that can be reviewed, validated, and shared.

With our combination of experience in a rapidly advancing technology landscape and understanding of the interconnectedness of communities, CONXCORP offers the strong assurances required to take on large scale projects, especially in the public sector. CONXCORP is uniquely positioned to evolve with the unlimited potential of Smart lighting of the future.

Ensuring the well-being of communities and the environment are at the core of what we do.

For CONXCORP, the positive economic returns stemming from sustainable practices are equally important as the social, cultural, and environmental benefits. Our corporate mandates ensuring sustainability, economic growth, environmental standards, and quality of life shape our holistic vision for every project we take on.

Our lighting is built to minimize light pollution and light trespass. They are manufactured using sustainable practices and do not incorporate harmful materials such as mercury and lead. With typical energy savings ranging 50-75%, carbon offsets are drastically reduced. With exceptionally long lifespans, fewer resources (maintenance crews/vehicles, manufacturing, packaging, etc.) are needed to maintain lighting, further reducing carbon offsets. Our lighting improves safety, concentration, mood and is associated with a variety of health-related benefits.

We have added intelligent adaptive controls into our fixtures to monitor and control operation to improve efficiency while creating a platform to support Smart Communities. In crime prone areas we have incorporated video and analytics into our fixtures. In developing nations, we have incorporated power protection to protect circuitry against power fluctuations. In storm-prone environments, we have increased the weatherproofing and resistance to vibration and corrosion. In natural habitats, we have reduced light pollution/trespass and BUG (Backlight, Uplight, Glare) ratings, so as not to adversely affect the local ecology. Through our holistic vision and global collaborative effort, we have developed what is the world’s next generation of ultra-efficient, multi-functional, long lasting, reliable, environmentally responsible lighting.