From technology to lighting 

At CONXCORP, we care how you see the world. That’s why we’re experts at applying cutting edge, empowering technology to be at the forefront of LED evolution. From our origins in communications, mobility and converged networks, to our evolution into best in class lighting, automation and infrastructure intelligence, our strong roots in technology puts us lightyears ahead of the competition.  Moving from technology into lighting, gives CONXCORP a unique and relevant perspective.  CONXCORP’s lighting portfolio, VIVIX, provides intelligent, efficient, effective and long-lasting solutions to address key lighting infrastructures.

Our Passion

We believe lighting is a financial and environmental catalyst to realize socio-economic benefits. Our universal mandate of sustainability, economic growth, the environment and quality of life powers our multidisciplinary service and technology portfolios, allowing us to uniquely address key infrastructure projects while ensuring viability and compliance. CONXCORP offers the best in class, turnkey solutions and products based on our commitment to environmental stewardship, social development, sustainability, quality of life and stakeholder partnership.

Our Performance

Being the best means we leave no one in the dark. Our rapid response in a fast-paced market consistently yields the most efficient and reliable products and services globally.  Turnkey financial models are customizable to our clients and their unique needs.  Our lighting components are both efficient and compliant.  We deliver 50-80% in energy savings, minimize light pollution/trespass and satisfy financial, ecological, political, ergonomic, safety and connectivity needs.  When coupled with our intelligent technology and expertise, this ensures the next generation of connectivity, efficiency, safety and ease of long-term maintenance. CONXCORP’s full line of integrated intelligent lighting utilizes the most efficient and longest lasting technologies available.

Our Reliability 

We are at the forefront of where lighting matters.  CONXCORP has global expertise offering the most efficient and advanced lighting solutions for private, and public-sector clients.  Our innovative engineering, design, R&D, auditing, consultation and manufacturing, has proven our experience and capability, even in the most extreme environments.  Along with our assurance backed warranty and North American made products, we have been a consistent top performer in the lighting industry. Our experience, brings significant value beyond our technical capabilities and it is our goal to leverage our wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to make your project a success story and model for future growth.

Our Savings, Benefits, and Results

It’s cheaper and more effective to save a “Watt” than to produce a “Watt”.   Our lighting initiatives have the potential to fund other important projects through the resulting energy, maintenance and environmental savings.  As global trends encourage the reduction of carbon emissions, many initiatives are emerging in the sustainable, production of green energy.  These are extremely important initiatives, however, they come at a high cost and are typically very bureaucratic.  By comparison, lighting related projects yield similar carbon reduction benefits, with less cost, less bureaucracy and more rapid deployment. CONXCORP innovative lighting future-proofs your investment for generations to come. Our integrated smart lighting networks are virtually maintenance free for up to 25 years, reduce energy consumption up to 80% and contribute to environment impact reductions of 90% or more.  Helping clients understand these challenges so that collectively we can solve them is just one of the ways we’re making the world a safer and healthier place.