Our aquatics area in Credit Union Place was experiencing major issues with our lighting. Original illumination was provided by 54- 400 watt HID lamps placed along the perimeter of our 25 meter 6 lane lap and large leisure pool at a height of approximately 25 feet.

Lighting levels were extremely poor because of the nature of HID lamps as well as the frequency of lamp failure combined with a challenging repair and operational environment. Naturally LED solutions were considered but there was a lot of concern about the compatibility of LED’s in relation to light glare on the surface of the water which could impede view of the life guards.

We received three responses from our public RFP, one from Erica Kelly and her team at CONXCORP caught our attention. After much discussion they were awarded the project. CONXCORP delivered a superior product specifically engineered to meet our requirements right down to the custom made mounting brackets that made the changeover seamless. We have a number of power quality issues in our building which in turn has led to numerous issues with off the shelf LED retrofit kits. We have experienced everything from lights strobing to completely malfunctioning. I’m pleased to say we have not had one issue with the LED Pool lights even though the humidity and heat levels in the space are very significant. We measured the light levels and they exceeded our specifications and glare from the lights on the water surface are negligible and well within acceptable ranges. Positive testimonies from all our users were immediate and positive. The energy savings of course are a huge benefit but more than that, the folks at CONXCORP transformed our pool area visually and created a very welcoming space. Management at the CUP were very pleased with our decision to choose CONXCORP for this project as they delivered a superior product on time and on budget.




Maurice Gallant

Facility Supervisor

Credit Union Place Recreation Centre.