CONXCORP leverages and extends existing infrastructure with intelligent communications to fuel sustainable economic development and promote a high quality of life, with efficient management of natural resources to build smart communities of the future.



By combining the latest in mobile technology and pre-existing streetlight connections, CONXCORP is creating the very arteries for the pulse of smart communities (or cities) of the future. Integration of low-cost sensory networks into centralized lighting infrastructure of cities not only pays for itself in energy and maintenance savings, but keeps the city in control at the heart of it all.



Smart cities are connected through the addition of wireless remote control for local streets, roadways, and public areas. Not only does this save energy by using the exact amount of light needed and by accurately monitoring every watt used, but it makes financial sense for the communities this benefits with little to no network rental charges. Reducing maintenance costs with real-time fault monitoring and building operational intelligence to improve day-to-day efficiency and planning.

Easy integration and compatibility with all the leading lighting manufactures is made possible through the deployment of our long-range low-power radio system. This allows us to add smart city sensors to streetlight infrastructure and add smart city applications like parking to the CONXCORP remote control network. These innovative smart city networks allow us to be at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) and continue innovating for increasingly interconnected smart cities and communities worldwide.


The logistics of rolling out any public use communications infrastructure are complex, costly, political and technically challenging.  The major issue contributing to these challenges are “Right-of-Way” factors; i.e. Where do you position towers and/or who do you rent roof top space from to expand your network footprint?  This combined with licensing and tariff based requirements, make the endeavor extremely complex and costly.




CONXCORP can leverage existing and new lighting infrastructures to build out smart community networks, eliminating many of these “Right-of-Way” challenges.  Using unlicensed spectrum and the lighting infrastructure footprint, a community wide network can be built out in a cost effective and efficient manner.  In many cases the financial benefits associated with LED lighting more than cover the network build-out.  Every environment is different and requires an assessment.  Part of CONXCORP’s preliminary analysis will uncover the best procedures to move forward.