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THERE ARE SEVERAL KEY REASONS WHY WE DO NOT RECOMMEND LED TUBES. It is however, important to know that CONXCORP does manufacture LED tubes and will provide them if necessary.  In fact, CONXCORP makes the best LED tubes in the market.  They range from 9w to 30W and reach up to 170 Lm/W (delivered).  The optical […]

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LED AQUATICS Our aquatics area in Credit Union Place was experiencing major issues with our lighting. Original illumination was provided by 54- 400 watt HID lamps placed along the perimeter of our 25 meter 6 lane lap and large leisure pool at a height of approximately 25 feet. Lighting levels were extremely poor because of […]

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Top mistakes people make when selecting a luminaire

Top mistakes people make when selecting a luminaire No Light Level Requirements Defined; Buying a light with no idea of what light level it needs to achieve can lead to disappointment, expense and liability.  Every environment has a classification set by recognized standards based on best practices.  These classifications have associated light level recommendations.  Whether […]

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Don’t be LED astray

Don’t be LED astray LED is an energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting technology that is developing at a rapid pace. However, not all LED lighting is created equal. Before you buy an LED luminaire, it’s important to learn how to separate the good from the bad.   Luminescence Lumens (lm) are the measurement of brightness for […]

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Understanding Light Pollution

Health and Environmental Benefits Equally important to the financial benefit are the environmental and health benefits associated with VIVIX lighting. There is a global movement to address the serious issue of Light Pollution which has been proven to have detrimental effects on human health, nocturnal wildlife and ecosystems. Public, outdoor lighting (ie Street lighting) is […]

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